Advanced Technology

ETX Energy utilizes the most advanced methods of selecting its project locations. Before ETX Energy enters a play, it is not unusual for it to have spent 1-2 years and several million dollars analyzing the overall potential and scalability of the play. Once ETX Energy develops a suitable geological and geophysical database and models and approves a project, it aggressively obtains leasehold at the best terms possible while also securing key infrastructure components that it will utilize in the development of the project.

ETX Energy has drilled horizontal wells with lateral lengths of up to 9,000 feet and up to 38 fracture stages in certain plays, and has drilled and completed some of the early wells that defined the horizontal Woodbine play in East Texas. ETX Energy engineers have extensive experience in drilling and completing horizontal, multi-stage frac wells. ETX Energy has successfully drilled and completed over 30 long lateral multi-stage fracture wells and has drilled and completed another 100 vertical wells in a very short period of time.

Resources plays have several key variables. One of the most important variables is cost control and utilizing the most efficient methods to drill and complete to obtain the largest amount of booked reserves. ETX Energy continues to reduce drill time while deploying cost control methods that maximize returns to stakeholders.